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Dropship rugs

Do you want to dropship rugs and carpets with us as your wholesale supplier? At Vercai Rugs we make sure you have a good profit margin. You will no longer have to deal with the delivery or packaging, as that is our responsibility. That way, you can fully focus on your own store or webshop. While we are based in Belgium, we deliver our products in many European countries.


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How does a dropship of rugs work?

There are a couple of steps when you want to dropship carpets. As an experienced dropshipping provider, we know how to organize this efficiently. We gladly explain exactly how this service for selling quality rugs at wholesale prices functions:

  1. First, the cooperation agreement is approved between supplier and retailer. Then we (the supplier) provide the necessary product information and photo material. In this way, the retailer can upload the products to his webshop.
  2. Once the retailer has placed the products on its website, sales can start. When a customer places an order through the retailer's website, the customer pays the RETAIL PRICE.
  3. The retailer receives the order, he forwards it to the supplier and pays the WHOLESALE PRICE.
  4. The supplier receives the order from the retailer, the goods are picked and sent to the customer together with the tracking number of the courier.

It is that easy to dropship rugs or carpets with us as your carpet distributor and your wholesale partner! You will quickly notice the difference in efficiency and profit margins. Thanks to our low MOQ’s you can decide exactly how many rugs you want as there is a low minimum order quantity.


Take a look at the different rugs you can dropship

Before you partner up with our company as your wholesale supplier to dropship rugs and carpets, it might be worthwhile to look at our different products. That way, you have a good idea of the modern rugs that we offer for dropshipping. Contact us at +32 56 73 30 30 or send an email to angelo@eurotapis.be if you are interested in dropshipping carpets.

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