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Wholesale supplier of quality rugs

When looking for a wholesale supplier of quality rugs and carpets, you will find the best quality and price here. Vercai Rugs is located in Beveren-Leie, in Belgium, but we deliver all around Europe. We offer this service to retailers, both online and offline, or other buyers that are interested in premium carpets in both large and small quantities.


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A wholesale supplier to buy quality rugs and carpets in large or small quantities

There are many advantages to buying our rugs in small or big quantities. As a retailer yourself, you will need enough rugs to keep up with the high demand. By buying the quality rugs and carpets from us as your wholesale supplier, you will have plenty of options to offer your customers. As the best carpet supplier in Europe, we never fail to offer the newest patterns, materials, and shapes. However, it is not a requirement to buy in large quantities thanks to our low MOQ’s. Do you prefer smaller and more flexible wholesale purchases of our quality rugs and carpets? As a wholesale supplier, we sell as little as one carpet at a time. Our low MOQ’s give you the flexibility you need. Vercai Rugs, a carpet supplier with many years of experience, caters to customers of all scales!



3.000m² of quality carpets

Once you run out of quality rugs from us, your wholesale supplier, we will be right there to provide you with the next batch. Our own warehouse with a capacity over 3.000m² is always filled to the brim to make sure that, as an experienced wholesale carpet supplier, we provide you with the best service possible. That is also why we always offer the newest styles of high-quality rugs. Whether you buy our rugs and carpets in wholesale or use our dropshipping services, we always make sure that we have enough products in stock to meet your demand.


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As a wholesale supplier, we work to guarantee great customer service when you buy a rug or carpet. Are you interested in buying larger quantities for your own store or your dropshipping orders? Or do you prefer to buy separate rugs? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly specialists! They will explain everything from prices and the low MOQ’s to our fast delivery. You can easily call us, your experienced carpet supplier, at +32 56 73 30 30.

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